Troubleshooting for CNC Carving


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Hi… trying to use the CNC to carve labels onto acrylic.
When I upload to snapmakerjs from Inkscape as plain svg or inkscape svg files, I see the image on the cnc screen then try to generate a code… but the image then disappears?
When I try to preview a bunch of random shapes show up on the screen.
Is there a step or two missing in inkscape or in snapmakerjs?
I have managed to get it to work once and the carving depth was uneven as well.
How can I remedy this?
would I be better off using the laser?

Newbie to this type of thing, still figuring out the basics


Snapmakerjs currently not support a few tags on SVG, probably it’s what you situation is. Try other SVG files or convert your SVG using another software so that there is not <defs> tags in it.