Troubleshooting for CNC Carving


Drop your questions about the CNC carving function of Snapmakerjs here. However, you can go to the User Manual page to check if your answers are already there. It will save you a lot of time since it will take us 1 to 2 business days to answer you here! Thank you!


Does anyone know the Gcode to control the spindle speed? M3 S3000 does not seem to work.


Spindle speed is fixed 19000RPM. which can’t be changed.


Do you know what type of motor it is? It appears to have power plus one more lead.


Then why you put this on the box:


Apologies for the mistake.
At the beginning, the spindle speed was designed to be changeable, but then we found out that it is hard to achieve on the hardware. So the spindle speed of the produced CNC modules is not changeable and it is not an easy problem to solve soon.
The specs were recorded in a document during the Kickstarter campaign. We used the specs from the document directly for the package. When we realized this spec was wrong, the packages for the beta adopters were produced and shipped with the products. So we were not able to fix this problem in time.
We apologize for the mistake and will check the specs more carefully in the future.
Thank you!


For those who are interested, the motor appears to be a straight brushed 24VDC motor with one hall feedback sensor. No load stall is at about 6 VDC. I am also looking at collets for the spindle so repeated screwing and unscrewing the setscrew does not cause run-out. I am looking into upgrades for this module and will post what I find.


Dremel has a “snap in” collet set which might work…



Here is one on Amazon: . It works great and has a bore that mounts to the motor. Two tips: 1. put the bit all the way into the collet to prevent runout. 2. It is a little difficult to tighten andcanvas2canvas1 loosen the collet nut because there is not a pin to hold the motor shaft from turning.


We can do open loop speed control of the spindle but we need feedback to control it precisely Please hep, what is the purpose of the white wire on the DC motor? Thank you in advance for helping.


Rainie I have been working with Snapmakerjs-2.2.2-win-x64.exe and while I can get the CNC module to import/carve using the Dragon 2D that as you demonstrated in your video tutorial, I cannot get Snapmakerjs-2.2.2 to import a SVG created using Inscape 0.92, generate G Code and then engrave the image. If I use the jpeg version of the image Snapmakerjs-2.2.2 will generate and execute a raster G Code much like the file used by the laser engraver and not a Vector G Code file.

Is there a particular program you are using to generate the vector G Code that you used in your video tutorial?
Attached are pictures of the best results I have achieved.

feeding hummingbird Outline

feeding hummingbird Outline


That’s interesting … motor speed is fixed! Some materials require different cutting speeds as any engineer knows.
Can’t see how it is such a problem to be able to control it.


The Snapmaker Spindle is a typical brushed DC motor. Motor speed can be controlled by reduced DC voltage or PWM pulse control. Both require feedback to maintain constant speed with varying load. The 19,000 RPM quoted is not fixed. I varies with varying load. With feedback such as one pulse per revolution, one could use closed loop speed control. Many DIY and commercial machines use VFD’s and AC motor because speed is then somewhat related to frequency not voltage…


Hi @gdoland18 ,

I am not sure which wire you are referring to. Could you please take a photo of it so that I can help. Thank you!


Yes. Attached is the picture which shows the white wire. It appears to be a feedback pulse whose frequency is related to speed. The signal is not compatabile with my current speed control.


Does any one know how to set up fusion 360 to generate G-code for IOS??
Having a bit of a hard time figuring it out even when following the instructions from the website.
specifically this step below.


I anyone else having issues with installing the bits and the allen wrenches too small to tighten the screw that holds the bit into the spinning head. I try to tighten it down, then run the machines, after it starts it pretty much spins the bit out of the head.


Any chance someone can do a CNC tutorial on doing letter engraving. The turtorial in the manual isn’t clicking with me and a few other. Fusion is powerful, but almost need a degree to complete.


Someone posted this in the forum and now I can’t find it again. But this youtube video might help you do some basic CNC’ing.


I’m with you. Fusion is kickin’ my butt. I wish it wasn’t so complicated.