Touchscreen suggestions

When adjusting the work speed percentage, also display the mm/s so I don’t have to whip out the calculator to compute the speed, or so I don’t have to keep going back and forth to see what the speed actually is.

When I do adjust the speed, the time remaining doesn’t appear to update. Exactly how is that estimated or calculated?

Display the current Z height in the status display screen. (I think I mentioned this somewhere once already)


A long with this the z-height adjustments are pretty poor. You get 0.05, 0.1, and 0.5 options. I’d much rather have a dial or something like what you have on the temperature selector, maybe just as an advanced options? I’m not happy with my first layer and 0.05 adjustments aren’t cutting it. Maybe I’d be fine with just a 0.01 option added.


A couple more:
The ability to copy files from the USB drive to the internal file space.
The ability to create folders in the internal file space.

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@Tone - The mm/s display is based on whatever is currently being printed (inner walls, outer walls, infill) and isn’t fixed. I’m assuming you’d want them to display the multiplication value for the currently running command, correct?

@dukk - I agree that a 0.01 option is needed.

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I’m talking about displaying the mm/s while your adjusting the speed. It currently doesn’t display that in that screen, only in the status display screen.


Include an option to turn off the fancy graphic show on startup.
It’s nice to see the first couple of times but then it just seems like delay.
I don’t know if it will speedup the startup time, if not, then just display some kind of progress indicator.
Startup takes some 45 seconds which seems long to me. Is there some way to speed it up?

Startup time is probably because its Android as OS. I am scared when shutting it of via the power adapter. Usually Android has to be shutdown cleanly (like Linux or Windows).

+1 for the 0.01 mm setting in z-layer adjustment!

I wonder if the startup could be sped up by loading a pre-saved executable image?
You might have to have a different image for each module.

@parachvte what i would really like to see in the Settings area: a setting to set the “end” position of the print bed when a print (or CNC job or Laser job) is finished. currently it’s moving to the front end which is a bit annoying especially for the A350 due to the big size. My A350 ground plate ends ~5cm before the table where it stands on ends… and when the print bed goes to the front and stays there, the access to the drawer below is blocked and it’s very likely that the printer is damaged because somebody passes by and gets caught by the print bed.
==> so can we please have a setting for that? 3 options for the end position - front, middle, back - should be enough :slight_smile: thanks!!


A function to edit the name of snapmaker is usefully;)
Also the possibility to delete/ignore known connentions (wlan).

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Excellent, thank you @Tone
Attached, and the following is a screenshot of my CraftBot printer and the display that it has there. Not the best look and feel, but the information is excellent when debugging or following the progress of a print.
H = nozzle temperature
B = bed temperature
Z = height
L = line nr
F = flow rate
Filament = filament left/total
These values need not be displayed on the main screen, maybe if you scroll left or right.
The middle icon at the bottom is to change settings, the same as SM2.
Then bottom right is Pause and second from the right is Pause After Layer. It then moves off the print area and allows the user to change filament

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