Touching heated bed

it seems that the support option TOUCHING HEATED BED will automatically add support trees when all that is wanted is support for the model above the heated bed where needed.

can support trees be turned off?

Did you mean the Heated bed adhesion type in Snapmaker Luban?

You can select None in the profile settings.


no the revelevant properties are found in the support section

i was referring to the support placement property which is enabled once the generate auto support property is set

most of the time the tree supports provide little additional benefit but maybe this will change in the future

The default print settings cannot be changed. If you copy one of the default print settings to a custom setting, you can disable supports or switch the support type to everywhere.
Screen Shot 2021-05-11 at 9.19.47 AM

Click the gear icon to the right of the print settings drop down.

thanks for all the hints but manual support might be good enough


If I understand you well, you can add the support manually in Snapmaker Luban.

Here is a gif image for your reference:


manual support seems to work but the support structure seems to fail during reload if saved.

other than that the project files seem to be working as expected… well done

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