Touch Screen Not Responsive


Hi @parachvte,

I have a few bugs I’d like to report on latest firmware and 2.3.1

My touch screen is not responsive at all.


Try turn off the machine, then turn it on again.


Hi. Bug reports should really go here:


I noticed a similar post by Tone. Since you are doing CNC, I can only comment the following:
It seems that there are certain conditions where the touchscreen display gets stuck and using the computer as an input takes the touchscreen into these stuck conditions.


Hi @PrototypeNow,

Did this happen since the first time you use the printer? If so, please fill in the warranty request at If not, do you remember what you did before this happened?

Look forward to your reply. Thank you!

Best regards,


Hi Rainie,

Yes, this has been a problem from first start. I’ve tried both USB into laptop and USB thumbstick. The only way I can control the axis is through Snapmakerjs.

Please help! I’ve only had problems with my machine. I’ve updated the firmware and Snapmakerjs to latest and still have issues. I really love the machine and I hope that I can use it. Thanks for your help.


Hi @PrototypeNow,

Thank you for your video. We just noticed that you also reported another 2 bugs for the CNC function. We would like to have a videocall with you and sort things out.

My skype username is Rainie Zou. Please send me a message when you are ready. If possible, we would like to have the videocall in an hour. Sorry for all the inconvenience.

Look forward to your reply. Thank you!

Best regards,


Hi Rainie
I have the exact same issue as PrototypeNow. The Touchscreen does not respond and I can`t update the firmware via USB Stick. Some days ago I was able to fix the touchscreen issue with a firmwareupdate but now nothing is working. The only thing I am able to do is using the snapmaker with snapmakerjs.

Pleas let other customers know if you were able to solve a problem. A conference call isn`t really doing us a favor. Thanks in advance, I love your machine!!!

Cheers Kris