Too many bones chip dividers with laser cut stickers

I wanted to make some chip dividers for the enemy types in Too Many Bones, and I liked the look of the ones that came with the Trove Chest, so I put these together:

I tried a few different methods to label them (like the one with text on it in the picture), but then I got the idea to print and cut stickers with the laser. I had some old label sheets around from a CD labeler, so I printed onto those. The trick I figured out was to print an alignment point onto the sheet as well (instead of trying to use the corner of the sheet):

With the A350 laser, at 100%, 500mm/min, one pass, I got a clean cut through the label but not the backing. I did all the layout in inkscape, and just defined an image layer for the print, and then a cut layer for the laser, exported that to SVG, and then aligned the origin in Luban to the X on the image. Then I set the laser origin to the same point, which was the only part that was a little tricky here. The laser was so close to the paper that it was hard to see exactly where it was, and being able to raise it another 5mm or so might have helped, but either way, it worked well enough (I had the X down, but was a little off on the Y as you can see).

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