SVG Import Wrong Size


I tried to engrave vector image I drew in Illustrator and saved as svg. Image size 125x125mm, but when I import it to SnapmakerJS it only 90x90 mm size, no matter what size I set in SJS settings.

My SVG here


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Another suggestion for SnapmakerJS, can you add to the Size label the measurement units. e.g. mm



Hi @doug @vabavia,

Thank you for your feedback!
Our developer @parachvte is improving the software and adding new features to Snapmakerjs. He will better this feature in the next version. He will also look into the size problem and send you feedback as soon as possible.

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Software is rare shit yet(
I do not see line art option at all(((
Snapmakerjs server stops responding that often.
Very unfriendly UI at all(

very special about importing SVGs from Corel, Inkscape… all imports are located far from the table((((


I think one thing that happens frequently is that the empty space of the SVG matters (see

So if you don’t plan to use the blank space to help your design, you need to trim/crop it. In Inkscape there is an option to fit the “page size” to contents that will do this.

Another approach is to use the empty space as guides in your design: For instance, when I was drawing a logo to fit in a phone case I set the viewbox to the size of the phone case, then I scaled/placed the logo in the location I wanted. Later, I set the origin as the bottom left corner, and engraved the “full” picture".

I’m still using a fairly old version and I rarely get any crashes. One thing I noticed, and it is probably my PC settings is that if I leave it running on its own, it will eventually go to sleep mode and pause the engraving.