Supports not coming away from model

I am having a problem with supports being too dense to come away from the model, I end up snapping the printed piece, any suggestions?

This is a really hard question to answer because support are so specific to the model you are printing.

In general I have had luck with sliding a blade in between and popping it loose for large flatish areas. For small areas or print surface to print surface supports things can get dicey. Getting the print slightly warm like body temp seems to help guard against snapping.

Some of the more advanced features in Cura can help alot with supports for certain models if you are willing to try a different slicer

Tried Cura and it ended up slamming the print nozzle into the bed and ruined a Ziflex print sufrace :frowning:

Very odd. If you look around there are some cura code lines that need to be added to the machine initial/final settings. Did you add that code? :thinking:

I’ve had good luck removing supports by crushing them with needle nose pliers. Instead of cutting or pulling on the support, I’ll insert the pliers horizontally into the support’s back-and-forth pattern, run the pliers up to the model’s surface, and squeeze. If it doesn’t separate well, sometimes I’ll twist the pliers, leveraging against the model’s surface. Repeat on the next uncrushed line, until all the supports are crushed but still clinging to the model in a few places. Then start gently pulling the supports away with the pliers. It works well to clean up supports that didn’t release cleanly too.

This was something I figured out when I was trying to remove a hollow part full of supports, where I couldn’t get a knife close to the model’s surface. I don’t remember exactly, but something like a hollow half sphere, printed flat side down, should give you the right idea.

I haven’t tried it on very delicate models yet, or models with a lot of vertical detail. For those, I’d probably use an exacto knife anyway.

Re: Cura, I was able to get good prints out of it (see my setup comments), but I haven’t played around with the support setting yet. There are so many tweakables in Cura, it’s pretty overwhelming.