Spotty results with laser


Hi there
I heavily tested the laser engraver when I got the Snapmaker, and got very good results. Then I did a lot of 3D printing for a while.
Today I swapped the heads to do more engraving, and I am getting very bad results. I’m using the font feature in the laser engraving software to create a dial with 12 numbers on it. tried…

  • printing from the software ( via a connection to the printer
  • printing the .nc file from the USB drive
  • printing at fast speeds with high power
  • printing slow with low power
    … the result is always the same: it looks like the laser is not switching on at certain points, causing breaks in practically all the numerals (highlighted below).

The only thing I’ve changed is that the printer is now in its enclosure, but I also tested with the door switch cable unplugged to see if that could be the cause.


Actually, going back to some of my earlier tests - this problem seems to have existed (but much less pronounced) from the beginning. I missed it because most of my engravings were filled, not just outlined. Is this a known issue?


Can I have your G-code so our electric engineer can test if there’s any issue with the path?

Laser engraving spotty when printing fonts