Snaptester Program

For some time now, I’ve been part of a program by Nanoleaf, where users can opt-in to pay a discount fee (usually 66%-75% of the full price) to test RC prototypes, before mass production. The program limits the number of testers to 250 internationally per event, and RC units are done on a “first come, first serve” basis. However, once the company has the results, users then ship the prototypes back, where they are exchanged for a final product once the test phase has concluded.

With so many questions about bigger Linear Modules, therefore, a “Snaptester Program” would be a great way for some owners to evaluate products early; suggesting improvements (or solutions to problem areas) whilst the company compiles photos of their projects, later showcasing these after the new parts go on sale…

If some users managed to take part in multiple tests as well, they could earn a “Snaptester Pro” badge, and maybe even be interviewed for a product update.