Snapmakerjs v2.5.5 Beta Testing

This is the beta version of Snapmakerjs v2.5.5, please check it out and any feedback is appreciated!


  • Massively improved software performance when loading and slicing 3D printing models.
  • Added text mode for CNC G-code generator.
  • Added nozzle and bed temperature settings on status widget (Don’t forget to pause your work before setting a new target temperature).


Windows 64-bit


Linux 64-bit

  1. NOZLE. Setings 30C. When ON heater of head go up 50C. After few minutes going down to 36C.
    After change to 40C. head go up 55C. After few minutes going down to 46C.
    After change to 50C. head go up 74C. After few minutes going down to 56C.
    After change to 100C. head go up 119C. After few minutes going down to 102,5C.
    High over temperature after after set , and constant drift 3C to 6C.
    Algoritm of regulations not so ideal.
  2. TABLE. Setings 30C. When ON heater - no efect.
    After change to 50C begin heat to 50C.
    Add more averge measure.
  3. In jog mode from PC avaible movements X, Y must be limited - nozle can hit in the table. Add "atention! if run manualy. Set limit movements down step - no more than 1 mm.
  4. Nice if you add boxes for jog and fields with setings jog, work speed.
  5. add key “home axex” in SJ.
  6. nice if user can save setings for custom materials( like ( customize in printing setings) . Nice if this will be independed folder from instalation folder - after instalation new version of SJ lose my tested profile.
  7. nice in user can change size of raft adhesion. Some time that limit 3D print area.
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for setings adhesion “none” - first two printed layer is to high.

I have trouble with the printer settings (German version). The category “Geschwindigkeit” (speeds in English, I assume) is not displayed correctly. Snapmaker
Some of the fields cannot be accessed (i.e. can’t enter any value).

In order to be able to edit these values, you need to create a custom instance.

Hey there,
that is what I did. Unfortunately, it seems that due to line breaks in the German text, something does not fit any more… Any suggestions?

Judging from your posts, your English seems fine. Have you tried using the program in English?
If it works in English then I’d Report the issue again here to parachvte as a definite program error.
For the time being then, until the problem is corrected, use the English version.

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@1p21GW @BriHar @McKevin78 The german text glitches has been fixed in our latest version Downloads and Updates

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THX very much. Now it works!