Snapmakerjs v2.5.3 Beta Testing


This is the beta version of Snapmakerjs v2.5.3, please check it out and any feedback is appreciated!


  • New Features:
    • Added the ability to load multiple models in CNC G-code Generator
    • Added model operations for laser and CNC
      • “Arrange all models” to re-arrange models (images) so that they don’t overlap each other
      • “Send to Back” to send the selected model to the bottom layer and “Send to Front” to send the selected model to the first layer
      • “Delete” to delete the selected model
      • “Anchor” to align an anchor of model to the work origin
    • Added an option to toggle between automatic preview and manual preview. Turn off automatic preview can reduce calculations and memory usage when generating G-code from big images.
    • Added parameter “invert” for laser B&W and Greyscale modes, invert black and white pixels of image
    • Added the ability to modify 3 dimensions of your workspace, well you know, Snapmaker 2 have 3 models with different sizes
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed the issue that Workspace unable to drag to upload G-code file
    • Fixed some other small issues
  • Removed Linux 32-bit version, Linux 32-bit versions are not longer supported


Windows 64-bit

Windows 32-bit


Linux 64-bit

Downloaded a model from Thinkverse. it generates but not loading

I load JPG in to program. Make laser multipas. In generated file was dot from each begin laser cuting.


Hi @Michal

Since the tool head moved to top left corner of your image and only engraved a dot, which means G-code for the JPG image didn’t generated correctly. Pls try to modify your parameters (like lower your “White Clip” or something) to see the G-code can be generated correctly. Or you can always upload your image in this thread and I’ll figure out how the issue comes out.



Now I tested 3D printer on this software

  1. After stop from software - head and bead still heat , not cool down. No button to OFF them
  2. in time print - filament move back too much - leve in printed element holes in places when begin printed element. (PLA)
  3. In time waiting for heat bead filament moves back - have problem with begin print - filament out of head
  4. setings for PLA normal, best not working well. Printed line not glued between them, probably not a lot of filament going out. Print with much older FW and SW have better quality
  5. ADD option to remove all filament from the head use one button - remove at lover temperature to remove all dust and partucles from nozle (automated or hand made)
  6. Still I cant stop/breake print from pilot in time print from PC
  7. 2 times linear module overide end switch but not see them. Only hear them.
  8. FW 2.8. In time Power ON 3 D printer - hear click in 3D head. Probably motor moves on cold head. If filament was inside then can cut them or destroy gear.


Thanks for your image.

Due to the lack of SVG percentage parsing, the extra dot appears there. We’ll fix that before formal release.