Snapmakerjs v Snapmaker 3D


Snapmakerjs does not create code since v2.4, always have to set up model or models in JS, then export file to Snapmaker3d and make code from there.
Any plans for new 3D version modelled on JS that allows addition of multiple files on bed or link for old one? Also note Java might be coming to end of life for support in a year rumours suggest.


Snapmaker3D is no longer supported and has been incorporated into Snapmakerjs since 2.4.0 !
Forget Snapmaker3D and deinstall it.

Of course Snapmakerjs generates code - perhaps you need to reset the software.
At any rate I would advise you download and install the latest version of Snapmakerjs.


Snapmakerjs works on a few files(small file size), but mostly takes a long time slicing, followed by a warning about server failure or it shows parsing at approx 2% and nothing.
So my only choice is export file and run Snapmaker3D with no problem.
Running Win10 64
Snapmakerjs v2.5.2
lastest java etc
This problem was not in earlier versions and appeared in last versions of v2.4. Could it be some kind of file size limit?
Also suggest Brim size reduction as it limits 125x125 size.
Also XY offset on homing is way off so models are not central on bed which reduces full size models. As this is supposed to be Hi Tech it should center bed +/-1mm, perhaps try using production model to setup firmware not an old protype. And adding target * in center and calibration points on heated bed sheets will highlight errors.


I’m running Snapmakerjs 2.5.1 on W10 64 and have 'til now never had an issue.
I’ve generated files up to 16 MB (STL files about 75MB) , they take maybe a minute or so to load initially and the code generates in roughly the same amount of time . Yes I do get the “Server not responding message” briefly but that has no apparent affect on the final code.

The above was generated with the fast print. I just tried using Normal Quality and it seems to hang at “Parsing G-code” so you may indeed be right in that there is an issue with large files…
Perhaps @Rainie might look into this issue.


Thanks for your reply, I must admit prior to getting my machine I practice on the software and mostly low quality. But since I’ve just used high quality for best finish as it seems the most obvious choice. Perhaps the old software could be uploaded again until problem is fixed as grouped models can be later out on JS, then exported and parsed in that.
Also measured XY centre by making calibration cube positions centre 5mm to X left and y towards user


Although the official download of Snapmaker3D has been removed, the last version 1.7.5 (also earlier versions) can still be downloaded from : Snapmaker3D download


Would it be possible to get some input on this issue (Snapmakerjs hangs on parsing G-Code with large files) from someone at Snapmaker?
@parachvte, @steve_snapmaker ?

The files I tested were Filament holder from Thingiverse - in particular the file FIlament Spoolholder A ca. 72MB, Generating at Normal or higher quality causes Snapmakerjs to hang at Parsing.


We are looking into this issue, it might take 1~2 versions to fix it. Probably not in the current version we are working on (v2.5.3), in this version we will increase the limit of Snapmakerjs memory usage (which was <2G).


@BriHar Thank you for the feedback. Our development team members have noticed this problem and will try to update in the following versions. Hope it won’t take a long time.:grinning:


I don’t think it is a memory issue. If anything, it might have something to do with railing the CPU or, if this is now not a local program, and is on a server somewhere…?

That’s the takeaway I get from my task manager usage anyways. :confused: