Snapmakerjs "server disconnect" or failure

Recently when printing, the software stops updating with the printer (I use computer USB cable connection) and says the server has disconnected or failed if I’m not moving stuff around on the screen (i.e. zooming in and out, clicking, etc.). It’s very frustrating if I can’t sit next to the machine and my laptop the whole time something is printing.
Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, what can I do to solve this? I don’t unplug the cable or turn off the laptop. It’s also difficult if I want to pause the print and then resume it, as it won’t resume after it disconnects once.

You said it’s your laptop. Do you have aggressive sleep policies enabled? Is your laptop plugged in?

My guess is your OS is set to go into power savings mode after a short period of idleness. Adjusting those settings depends on which OS you have.

The other option is to print from the USB drive. That avoids the problem entirely, and in some cases produces a superior result (it’s not recommended to run the laser from a computer, only the USB drive).


The laptop is always connected to the power source when I run the machine, I don’t unplug the charger when I’m connected. It gives me the most trouble when I’m doing a 3D print. I have it set not to go to sleep when it’s plugged in to the charging cable. I can watch the screen display when it’s printing and it won’t go black but the error message still pops up. The problem with the USB drive is that I can’t pause the print.

I had a similar problem not too long ago. The newer version of snapmakerjs seems to have problems with computer cable connections. I second clewis: push the gcode file to a USB drive. I’ve never had any problems that way. Only when trying things connected with a cable.


I was not aware that SnapmakerJS would let you pause a print. I thought OctoPrint was required for that.
I would like a pause or filament change option on the display, for use when using the USB drive.

Cura has some advanced options for inserting scripts into the finished GCode, including “Pause at Height” and “Filament Change”, but I haven’t tried to use them yet. They don’t appear to include a length of time input, so I suspect they’re targeted at a specific machine, and will need some tweaking to work on a Snapmaker.

You can pause laser and CNC. I don’t believe you can pause 3d printing module

I’ve been able to pause my prints if I’m connected to my computer. I don’t have a pause option on the touchscreen, but there is one up in the corner next to the spot to start the print (at least for me there is). It could have changed since I used the 3d print head, I’ve had engraving projects more than printing.