SnapmakerJS not translating SVGs properly

Is SnapmakerJS so bad that it can’t even perform the simplest vector translation?.. This isn’t the first one that I get this. The only shape I could get it to translate properly was a simple hex.

This is my imported SVG:

And this is what I get after generating the GCODE and loading:

Can anyone help?

LMAO!!! Snapmakerjs can perform simple transforms I can confirm, but there are still bunch of tags and attributes are not parsed and used in Snapmakerjs.

Please try the latest version of the software to see if it works for you, we’ve fixed some problems with the SVG parsing. If problems still occur, upload your SVG here and we will see what’s wrong with Snapmakerjs.

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Oh, I was using version 2.4.3, I didn’t realize the latest version was in the forum. Lets see if that fix the problems.

So, still having problems. Check the screenshot:

Here’s the SVG I’m trying to load:

The curious thing is that this SVG, arguably more complex, loads without any problem:

Thanks for the help!

BTW, this update has some really nice features. I hope this SVG translation gets corrected soon because cutting / engraving with vector is so much cleaner and faster! But anyhow, great work on the updates :slight_smile:


Thanks for your file, it’s simpler than I expected.

Seems like it’s the problem of numeric parsing of SVG path. We’ll try to fix the problem ASAP and once it’s fixed we’ll let you know.

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Seems that this is going to take a while :slight_smile: Do you guys recommend any software for exporting SVG that SnapmakerJS could read without any major issues? For these exports I used Illustrator - if I use Inkscape or Sketch would it make a difference?


I was running to the same problem so skipped the middle man. I am using this to generate the g-code It is working really well for CNC still trying to find the perfect settings but the g-code generates clean and you can go straight from any image file skipping the SVG conversion.


Thanks, but this program only accepts bitmaps files apparently, not vector ones - I’m not having any issues with bitmaps, my issue is with some vector files imported to the SnapamakerJS app.

@parachvte any updates on fixing this issue?..


Not really. Gonna release next version tomorrow, which includes updates for preview. And a bunch of SVG parsing issues are scheduled on next version.

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Cool, thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Try this then it worked to get snapmakerjs to accept my vecor files. I think it had to do with the final save being an optimized CVS.


Isn’t it meant to be an Optimized SVG? I am curious if this will work better then, will try it this evening.

Sorry yes spend too much time at work working with CSV and got my accronyms messed up.

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Sorry for the super late reply! I was away for a LONG time from 3D printing and laser engraving, but hopefully I’m back now with some projects to share.

Also I’m hoping that this issue is solved already, a lot of time has passed since it was posted… I will check that this afternoon.

And thanks for the link, I will also test that :slight_smile:

So it seems no progress has been made on the front of actually making SnapmakerJS translating proper SVG files? Dudes, this has been almost a year already. This is just buggy and doesn’t work; can we get a patch for this please?..

All I’m doing is exporting the vector file as an SVG from Illustrator, which is a pretty common and standard software for vectors. That might help you guys understand the issue.

SVG file is attached for reference (and you can see that even this WEB VIEWER can parse the SVG correctly):


As long as we keep paying ~$1,000+ for this SnapMaker 3in1 half-functional POS.

Please checkout the latest Snapmakerjs: Downloads and Updates
SVGs in this post should be able to work with the latest software.

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Thanks a lot for the effort @parachvte! I will test it further with the old SVG I was trying to import but apparently it is working really well with other designs that I created :slight_smile:

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