SnapmakerJS Installation Path


Can you guys please make the installation path of SnapmakerJS customizable - the fact that it just installs wherever it wants too is a bit of a problem for me…has been since the beginning.
I can understand with beta software that it might be a bit of a problem, but since the software is fairly matured, I think it’s a reasonable request to ask that we get control over where the software is installed on the HDD now?
(…I’m fairly sure there are a number of more advanced users that would agree with me on this)


In Win 10, I tried to change the installed folder of snapmakerjs by cut and paste, and it worked for me.
In my case, the installed folder of snapmakerjs is located in:
Have a try to cut the whole snapmakerjs folder and paste it anywhere you prefer, and run Snapmakerjs.exe inside the folder.
Also, update the target path of the snapmakerjs shortcut on the Win 10 desktop.


The side effect is that the uninstall function can not work properly. It needs to cut the folder back to C:\Users\stanl\AppData\Local\Programs\ for uninstallation. Or you can delete the snapmakerjs folder directly.


It did not work properly in earlier versions of SnapmakerJS - haven’t tried it again since.

But still, I don’t want to have to go and move the files every time there is an upgrade - virtually all install makers these days ships with built in functionality that can automatically recall the last installation path of software, incase you are installing a newer version over an older version.

Since they are going for something that is easy to use, the software should have as much automation built into it as possible.
In this specific case, depending on the install maker they use, it might be as simple as enabling a boolean flag or two.


Yeah, easy to use. The customized install option seems not difficult and may come soon.