Snapmakerjs 2.7.1 bugs: Cut/Copy/Paste

Hi all, despite backing the Original Snapmaker Kickstarter campaign, I didn’t have the space to actually set it up until very recently.

Articles I’ve read about laser engraving (technically cutting, but I only have the 200mW engraving head, though the advice applies in multiple categories) suggest making a grid of squares, with one axis increasing the laser power, while the other increases the working speed, as the two are not equivalent.

Anyway, I’m just trying to create a grid of boxes, but at the moment, I’m having to import the same square.svg file over and over and over again, resizing and moving it each time.

Then I noticed that the Edit menu of the program has options for Cut, Copy and Paste, but they don’t work for the objects. There’s also no way to duplicate an item, or select a group of items to try copying and pasting.

Is this a bug in the program, or should I be looking for a more capable program to design the CNC files?


Hey, you should try snapmaker luban, js is running out. I don’t know if it works there better…
Give it a try!

Thanks for the advice, but I have, and it doesn’t have support for that either.

Makes me wonder, though, if the source code for either Snapmakerjs or Snapmaker Luban are open-source, I could try to contribute.

It really makes sense to have at least a Duplicate option in the right-click context menu when you have an item selected.

Luban is:

I’ve added a Feature Request so far, and will be investigating the code to see what would need to be added to support a minimum of duplicating a single object.