Snapmaker Sparrows

It’s a few days before I go on holiday, but I’d to print / make something for my mother who will care for our cats, plants and mail…

A few months ago I gave her a set of 3 birds / sparrows, made out of stone, and she placed them in her bathroom. Everytime I visit her, I’ve the strong need to put one birds on a different and unusual place in the bathroom and I’ll get a textmessage that same day I’ve visited her with again the smiling-with-tears emoticon as soon as she find the lost bird.

I don’t want to oblige her with a new collection, but this is the last bird she’ll (probably) get from me, oh and a box of chocoloates :smiley: As a small thank you for the job she will do for us

Layer hight is set to 0.05mm, 53mm/s speed, 25% infill and heated bed is turned off. The tail is printed without supports, that wow’ed me a lot :smiley:

The model is from Thingiverse and comes with two other bird models… Made by Pmoews