「Snapmaker Showcase」Snapbox


@Tone thanks! It was indeed a calibration issue. I thought they were all at the same height but they were not :slight_smile:


Print Tips!




  • Everyone who owns a 3D printer will know we have lots of accessories which are used to make a 3D print, such as Palette Knife, Tweezer and more.
  • Snapmaker also include tools like 2 pairs of glasses (one for CNC, the other for laser), 3 functional modules (3D printing, Laser Engraving, CNC Carving) in the package.
  • Thus, how to make sure every tool is here when you need them is very important.Introducing “Snapbox" , a storage box deigned for Snapaker 3-in-1 3D Printer. A tiny box amazingly contains all the Snapmaker accessories with such beautiful outlook and minimalist design.
  • Here I want to make a tutorial, helping you to get through the printing process!

Score : 3.2

  • Time: 6
  • Difficulty to Gain Materials: 2
  • Complexity: 4
  • Post-processing: 2
  • Knowledge Required: 2


Model adjustment

Zoom 3D model 97% of original model size.
Place the model like the picture beyond.
DO NOT add support.
DO NOT add adhesion