「Snapmaker Showcase」Battery Box


  • It is worthwhile to spend time searching and appreciating beautiful household gadgets with lovely design in our daily life. However, those gadgets are hard to find and purchase (some of them are not for sale anymore). Now 3D Printer can solve this problem perfectly. We can use 3D Printer to print the little and beautiful daily gadgets. One more advantage of these objects made from PLA / ABS is that they are applied and durable.
  • With this idea in mind, I designed a group of battery containers. All of them are designed in the same style. The 3D files include different sizes of battery containers which could contain AA or AAA batteries.



Rounded Design & Various Combination


  1. It is a better choice that do not add support. Cuz the support is hard to take apart. And the quality of result which do not add support is as same as the one which add support.
  2. Let the curve side on the top. It will make the prints’ quality better.


Battery Box For Contain the new or waste batteries

  • AA 8
  • AAA Round shape 9

Portable Battery Box

  • AA 2
  • AAA 3
  • AAA 4