Snapmaker Original Laser cutting out mid job?

Urgent help needed please :frowning:

Hello, I am new to all of this… Laser was working fine and i completed multiple jobs, but now… my laser keeps cutting out in the middle of jobs, i have the power, jog speed and all those settings set correctly according to the snapmaker guide online and it won’t finish jobs, it just stops. It’s like my computer and the printer stop talking to each other?

I am tranferring my jobs via the workspace & USB port.

I have deleted and reinstalled the software multiple times, I am using V 3.15.2 as thats what the support guy said to use for the original printer.

I have just launched a small business and now this is happening is anyone has some suggestions?


Try printing using the USB thumb drive instead of the USB cable. If that works, then something is disrupting the communication.

I’ve heard you get better print quality from the thumb drive anyway. Any small delay in sending commands can cause speckling. It’s down in the comments on Lasered image has background artefacts .