Snapmaker Original doesn't work out of box

OK…conundrum. Im a TOTAL noob at 3D printing. Recently bought an original Snapmaker from a friend, totally STILL in the box and unopened… Still in original packaging.

Problem is, it doesn’t work and he bought it in 2017 and just now sold it to me, three years after the fact. I know…I shouldn’t have… and he bought it through the original Kickstarter…

So, the CnC head doesn’t work, nor does the laser or the 3D printer. I bought new cords for it and new thermistors and nothing.

Would it be the control box and what should I do next?

Hey, may you take a video about turning on the machine, seeing that the touchscreen get powered and you could Jog the machine from the touchscreen and could get it to home position.?
Is there light at the controller if you powered it on?
Its hard with your description to suggest anything.