Snapmaker, open source and Linux

I would love it if snapmaker 3D & snapmakerjs were made available on GitHub (Open source) and that snapmaker 3D is also available for Linux. As far as I have read, many Linux users are already included in the snapmaker community.
I find it a pity that Linux is so often disadvantaged.

*And yes I know that I can use thirty party software’s for snapmaker 3D.
Cura does not recognize the USB cable connection between my computer (Linux ,Debian) and snapmaker.
I always have to transfer the files I want to print via the USB stick.


I agree with @f31ix_0r1g1na1.

I use linux almost exclusively – and it would be exclusively if I could get away with it. Having to dual boot just to run SM3D is a real pain… and so is having to put everything on the usb stick.

SM3D appears to be just a redux of Cura – which runs on linux natively. So it seems like making SM3D run for linux would not be a complete re-design… you are already 90% there.

A lot of great things come from the open source movement – including the firmware and software that drives the snapmaker. Why not give back? Why not empower the ideal that empowered you to make the snapmaker?

Please consider it. I understand it may not be a substantial revenue generator for you, but it would benefit everyone, and most of the work is done (i.e. Cura for linux).



I’m in the process of deciding which 3D printer to get. Snapmaker has great specs but if it requires Microsoft Windows to use it, that takes it out of the running. No way I’m going to buy a Microsoft Windows license.

I see a comment by Moonglum that Linux support “may not be a substantial revenue generator”. Actually I believe the opposite is likely to be true. People who buy 3D printers are likely people who design things themselves, they don’t just want to buy the latest consumer product. Same hands-on, creative approach that drives people to GNU/Linux and free (as in freedom to modify) software.

I use Linux too, I love Linux. There’s a version of Snapmakerjs available for Linux. I downloaded it and I’m running it fine under Ubuntu. Plug your Linux box into the Snapmaker and away you go.

See Downloads and Updates I don’t know why it can’t be shown on the main downloads page, but there you are.


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Yes, things have changed quite a bit since the post started. Snapmakerjs integrates 3d printing now, so there is one application for everything. It is no longer cura based. They must have used that as a stop-gap until they fully developed their software. The good news is, that you can use Cura, Slic3r, Simplify3D (not free, but works in linux) and several other slicers in Linux, and they work great. I appreciate the good people at Snapmaker keeping this open and available so that users can use whatever software best enables them to create on whatever OS that most empowers them.