Snapmaker on MARS


Hi All (@Rainie @Noah @whimsycwd )

Thinking ahead into the future, I think the latest Snapmaker at the time (circa 2029-2030) should be donated to NASA for use on the manned mission to Mars to make spare/bespoke parts for their accommodation facilities. Start the dialogues now to brain storm future requirements.


Wishing everyone a great 2018



Yeah, we are now planning that, lol~

To be honest, I think 3D printing is a good tech for space working, because it’s so difficult to transport things from earth to space if you need it right now. Once astronaut need something, he could just print it~


Go for it… dreams can become reality! :sun_with_face:



Would need some form of suction; as mentioned by you elsewhere on this forum. Definitely a possibility if you can somehow get rid of have-it’s and what-not bits from cutting your metal and plastics there on the space station.