Snapmaker Luban v4.4.0 is Released

Update 0921

v4.4.0 has been officially released. The link below downloads the release version.

Original Post
Happy to share that Snapmaker Luban v4.4.0 is now in Pre-Release status.You can download Luban v4.4.0 Pre-release, for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

3DP Feature Updates (Epic Enhancements)

Interface Changes

Configuration parameters

  • Added material parameters and printing parameters up to 290+
  • New printing settings interface
  • Enhanced parameter management interface
  • Variety of parameter display modes
  • Detailed parameter explanation (based on SettingsGuide)

Simulation Preview

Added Simulation Preview with volume in 3DP editor

3D Canvas Style Updates

Model Repair and Model Simplification

Added Model Repair and Model Simplification

Quick Preview

Added Quick Preview before Slice for some parameters(Provided switches in the Preferences tab)

Laser & CNC Feature Updates

Toolpath Optimization

Optimized for vector machining paths for Laser and CNC

Format Support

3MF and AMF Formats

Other Improvements

  • Optimized zoom-in operation and pan operation after zoom-in operation
  • Set the Auto Connect button in the workspace tab to unchecked by default
  • Improvement: Automatic update supports domestic

Bug fixes

  • Fix: Fixed the attribute parsing of part of the nested text element of the svg is incorrect
  • Fix: Fixed the possible wrong position of using the up and down key shortcuts for objects with rotation in Laser/CNC editor
  • Fix: Change the timing of the completion of printing is defined as completion rather than the last gcode sent
  • Fix: Fixed extrusionDirection attribute of DXF not being parsed
  • Fix: Fixed SVG object slice does not handle .94 coordinates correctly

Still on the way

  • Support for Dual Extrusion Module & Artisan Machine
  • Adaptive Width Control in 3D Printing
  • Higher precision Camera Capture

Known issue


I would not try this pre-release. I just used it to try laser etching and it slammed the laser into the plate and dragged it around before I stopped it. Not sure if there is serious damage or not besides the scarring of the plate and laser housing.

I like the new UI.
I didn’t have much success with CNC. It made a disaster of a job.

Have more information to sync to us? Can you explain the operation in more detail?

Can you share with me your process and results that helped us improve CNC

Well I loaded my jpg. It only gave me the option of Relief. When I went to preview it did not give me any preview and clicking on the simulation nothing happened. When it printed it only printed lines equally distanced about a mm apart.

Currently I have two doubts.
One is that Luban may parse the image incorrectly, resulting in the inability to generate Toolpath and preview correctly. Provide pictures if possible.
Another possibility is the parameter setting problem, I provide a project, you can refer to the settings
jpg_relief .zip (599.2 KB)

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Hi, so sorry for that. May I know your firmware version? Is it an official version or a customized one?

Here’s another problem. It grays out the option to close the program.

It is not custom. Snapmaker2_V1.14.3_20220617

I was just running the laser from Luban. Didn’t do anything special. Worked fine with the previous version of Luban.

I tend to like the new interface.
As regards features I am keen to test out the new “improved camera capture”, as hopefully it will make it easier now to overlay a design on a work object and get it precisely located.

“improved camera capture“ are on the way.
We plan to improve accuracy and compensate for perspective distortion due to object height,

Everything was fine until I upgraded to 4.4.0. Now It says my Sna[maker is connected to other device and wont connect to Luban via wifi. Im on a Mac.

Everytime I think “Awesome maybe all the bugs have been fixed” something new keeps me from working.

Come on guys…


Trying restart machine might solve this problem. This is presumably the machine is now in a wrong state.

restarted everything twice. Restarted my laptop. etc… went as far as unplugging everything and starting over…

Is ther a way to clear the " other device". PS the only device it was ever connected to was the same laptop.

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since luban has been updated
I can’t see the infill and the number of walls the model stays empty with only 2 walls even changing settings

Mac OS bug: When in Workspace view, almost all menus are greyed out and their corresponding shortcuts non-functional, but at the very minimum the application menu “Snapmaker Luban” should allow for Hide, Hide Others, and Quit.