Snapmaker Luban: Hang after slicing of large model

Dear all,

expecting my A350 in April, I started playing around with Snapmaker Luban. Kudos for the intuitive interface!

I tried a large model of approx. 240 x 185 x 254 mm in size. When I click generate G-Code, slicing proceeds and after a while reaches 100%, but the next step, previewing the G-Code, is never reached. The software in general stays responsive, but the G-Code process freezes at 100% slicing. I tried different slicing profiles, but all fail. CPU load is neglegible, and memory is there aplenty (I’ve a 16 GB RAM PC). If I scale the exact same model to approx. 120 x 93 x 122 mm (half of the size before), slicing finishes and preview is displayed.

If it helps, I can put the model somewhere for download if you want to reproduce the problem. However, it does not seem to relate to the model, I tried another, smaller one and scaled it up to nearly fill the full A350 build volume (which is really HUGE - can’t wait to have it :heart_eyes:), same effect. Small: Works. Large: Slicing 100% --> Nothing happens anymore. Waited for a few minutes, no change.

Thanks for looking into this!


EDIT1: I now waited for 2 hours, still stuck
EDIT2: Tried SnapmakerJS 2.7.1 - There I reach the preview phase, but before the preview is displayed, the SnapmakerJS window just goes grey, nothing displayed anymore. Only the drop down menus shown, which work. Selecting View-Reload presents a blank workspace and I could start from scratch.

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have you tried it on Cura?


Cura 4.4.1: No problem at all. With generic printer profile adjusted to the build volume.

Hauke, thank you for posting this. I am having exactly the same problem.

Snapmaker Luban progresses and uses decent system resources (CPU heavy as expected) while the progress bar is moving. Then it gets to 100% and nothing happens. The program is responsive, just the slicing buttons are disabled like it is still working. But the system resources go idle, so its obviously not doing anything anymore.

Snapmaker Luban software engineers need to look into this. I am going to file a support request and will be eagerly awaiting a software update!

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Hi guys, Both Luban and JS are not that great at handling large files as of now. But this problem will be resolved in future updates.


I’ve had the same issue. I even let it run overnight.
I can slice in Cura, the problem is Luban will not load the G-code from Cura, and the printer hangs at 95% if I try to load it using a USB.

So I am completely unable to do larger prints. It’s one thing if Luban can’t handle large files. Kind of a big deal if the printer cant handle them.