Snapmaker Luban: Hang after slicing of large model


Dear all,

expecting my A350 in April, I started playing around with Snapmaker Luban. Kudos for the intuitive interface!

I tried a large model of approx. 240 x 185 x 254 mm in size. When I click generate G-Code, slicing proceeds and after a while reaches 100%, but the next step, previewing the G-Code, is never reached. The software in general stays responsive, but the G-Code process freezes at 100% slicing. I tried different slicing profiles, but all fail. CPU load is neglegible, and memory is there aplenty (I’ve a 16 GB RAM PC). If I scale the exact same model to approx. 120 x 93 x 122 mm (half of the size before), slicing finishes and preview is displayed.

If it helps, I can put the model somewhere for download if you want to reproduce the problem. However, it does not seem to relate to the model, I tried another, smaller one and scaled it up to nearly fill the full A350 build volume (which is really HUGE - can’t wait to have it :heart_eyes:), same effect. Small: Works. Large: Slicing 100% --> Nothing happens anymore. Waited for a few minutes, no change.

Thanks for looking into this!


EDIT1: I now waited for 2 hours, still stuck
EDIT2: Tried SnapmakerJS 2.7.1 - There I reach the preview phase, but before the preview is displayed, the SnapmakerJS window just goes grey, nothing displayed anymore. Only the drop down menus shown, which work. Selecting View-Reload presents a blank workspace and I could start from scratch.


have you tried it on Cura?



Cura 4.4.1: No problem at all. With generic printer profile adjusted to the build volume.