Snapmaker js 2.7.1 setting options

I’ve been trying to print the Nautilus Gears, but they keep lifting off the bed after a few layers. I’m thinking maybe I should try adding a bit of a brim for more adhesion. But, when I load the files into snapmaker js, the “adhesion” custom field only shows a “skirt” option…nothing else is visible. Can anyone tell me how to bring up the option to add a brim ? ( I’m using the latest verion of js - 2.7.1)

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I had to Customize the print setting before I could select a different Adhesion type, in SnapmakerJS 2.6.1.

In the Print Settings section, click on Customize. Select the mode you want, then click the “+” button beneath the drop down. It should copy the settings and put a hashtag in front (e.g. “High Quality” becomes “#High Quality”). In this new profile, I can change the Adhesion type.

I haven’t tried it on 2.7.1 yet, but I expect it will be the same.

The process is similar if you want to customize any of the Material. I also had first layer adhesion problems, and I had good luck customizing the material to heat the bed to 60ºC and the head to 210ºC for the first layer, then return to the default 50ºC and 200ºC respectively for the remaining layers. I typically don’t need a skirt or brim anymore.

If you still have issues, I had a lot of problems with dust (I don’t have an enclosure). I would clean the print bed with rubbing alcohol before prints, and it helped. I eventually designed a dust cover for the bed, and I haven’t had to clean the bed since.

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