Snapmaker GCode specifications


Hello everyone,
As I am a CNC postprocessor programmer for the FreeCAD Open Source Software (I aleready wrote 2 post-processors) and have just ordered my snapmaker, I would like to write the FreeCAD post-processor for this beautiful machine.
For this, I am looking for specifications and features supported by the GCode Snapmaker 3-in-1.
Where can I find them?
It is going to be that this future posr-processor will be given as an open source gift to the community.
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I’ve seen reference to using Fusion360 to generate GCode for the CNC and Laser modules, but I haven’t been able to find specific instructions.

Perhaps @Jade can offer some help?


I found a bit more information. There is a “Configuration Files for Fusion 360” profile on the software download page, and some more documentation at

I don’t know if that helps you or not. I see a small amount of GCode in the file, but not as much as I would’ve expected to see.


Hi @clewis,
Thanks for your attention, I already saw the documentation and studied the fusion 360 configuration file, but it’s not enough…
I would like to find a complete documentation on all the G and M codes supported by the firmware to make a complette post-processor for 3D milling, carving and for laser.


Hi @fra589, nice to meet you through this topic. :slight_smile:
Would you mind sending me your email address via message so that I can send you a brief version of the document soon? As it’s a brief version, we’d prefer not publish it. Or if you would like to wait for a complete and finalized document, I will follow up with this topic and upload the link for the access of the documents in the near future.


Hi @Jade,
Thanks for your reply :blush:. I sended you my email by personal message.


Hello - I am looking forward to your gcode specification document. In the interim, if it’s still going
to be a while, I’m wondering if you’d be willing to share the same info that you sent to Gauthier so
I can try to use the J Tech Photonics Laser Tool plugin in Inkscape to generate code for the Snapmaker?
I also use the Lightburn software for another laser, and I’d like to be able to generate Snapmaker
gcode with it as well.

Thank you -


@michael49 I’ve sent you a brief version of the document. :wink:


Great - this will be very helpful.

Thank you -