Snapmaker freezes when I do printing from USB Drive


Hi I have an odd Problem, when I print PLA it work fine but just from an low Memory stich when I use the stick what was with the 3D Printer then the Printer starts to print ABS and it freezes minutes later the OS is frozen, now I try the same Print from my Computer connected with a USB Cable. Have a good one.
I try to install Software 2.4 I hope it works better then.


Have you tried a different USB drive? I’ve seen heavily used USB drives go bad, although I can’t say that I’ve seen a new drive go bad that fast. If another USB drive or the USB cable work, I’d toss the drive that causes it to lock up. You might try putting the suspect drive in your PC, and see if you can read the .gcode file that you printed. If it’s a bad drive, it should fail everywhere.

Although that doesn’t explain why it works with PLA and not ABS.


It works with a shitty old USB drive even Windows tells me the something is corrupt but it does not work with the USB Drive what come along with the printer. But what is so odd the it not works with ABS but no Problem with a USB connection from PC to the Printer.


We have a few blank USB drives, so I haven’t used the one with the printer yet. If it’s just a case of bad storage, you could try a full format to get it working… if not, I’m sure Snapmaker can send you another.


If windows says the drive is corrupt, you want to get that repaired, or throw it away. You can try formatting the USB drive in windows. Use FAT32, and disable Quick Format. That will delete everything on the drive, and it will take a while, but it will make sure that every part of the drive is writable.

If that says everything is ok, make sure you’re ejecting the drive in Windows before you pull unplug it. Most of the time it works, but it causes problems when it doesn’t. I think Windows is stupid that it needs this, but I’m not in a position to change it.


Depending on your settings in Windows, The files being copied to the USB stick are usually buffered and not necessarily written immediately to the device. If the stick is disconnected before the data is finished transferring, then there will be incomplete or corrupt files. Using the eject command ensures all data is written to the device.


I Formate my stick properly and for the Moment it works well, but I work with PLA again.


I got my Snapmaker replace because the PCB was not working anymore the new Snapmaker was delivered with a Kingston Thumb Drive and I did not have a Problem yet.