Snapmaker 2 - Power Module

Hi All (@Rainie )

Today I am using my new A350…great machine; I am in love again.

However, the pulsing light on the Power Module is an annoyance. Is there a way to turn it off?

Keep in mind that pulsing lights can cause people with epilepsy or other neurological conditions real problems. I don’t have any medical issue, I just find the pulsing light an annoyance.

If you have no means of turning the light off, is it easy to open the power module up and disconnect the light?



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Maybe they can release an option to disable or enable this via a firmware update

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Hi doug,

When we designed the Snapmaker 2.0, we wanted to improve every aspect of the device, including its aesthetics. Our team has learned about this issue and is working on a solution. As of now please cover the lights, in the case that they do present an issue, with light dimming or desk covers. This wouldn’t affect the functionality of the Snapmaker 2.0 at all. Sorry about the inconvinience.

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No need for apologies, we are all learning, sharing and evolving. "things’ have to be tried and assessed.

Just keep having fun

As with all technology these days you need to consider medical impacts or use by people with limited physical abilities. It is the rich tapestry of life with varied users


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Hello @doug,

All too often modern electronics have lighting that can be overwhelming. I have used these filters to reduce their impact. Dimming Films (self-adhesive). They have versions to simply reduce the brightness and others that effectively black them out completely. You may find them useful.


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Thanks for the information, much appreciated…hahaha I have used a piece of cardboard.

Have a great day


Just joined and see this about the lights yip annoying. Don’t cover the end as this is air intake, will over heat or cause fan failure.