SnapMaker 2 Marlin 2 gCode Support

As the title suggests, I’m hoping Jade, et. al., can provide at least the brief doc that was under development over the past year, indicating current gcode support for the SM1/SM2 series. I’d like to provide support for third-party multi-color functionality as well as some other projects under development that will expand the audience for the SM2 as its rolled out.

I know I can brute-force every command (G/M) from a terminal line; I still wont have positive confirmation for those commands with multiple optional parameters.

Any help here would be most appreciated!


Hi Trek, thank you for your suggestions and we appreciate your input and here is the g-code reference file we have ready as of now for SM1. The g-code reference file for SM2 will be released in a month or two according to the plan. Sorry if the g-code reference file we have now is a bit bare boned, but we will refine it with time. Here is the link to the g-code reference file for SM1.

Any timeline on releasing the Marlin 2.0 source for SM2 as required by the GPL v3 license?