Snapmaker 2.7.1

when trying to generate G-code on a couple of files i either get slicing 0.0 or Previewing G-Code and then it just sit there. One of the files i was able to slice and print last week and today nothing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software. I don’t know what else to try.

Hey @robs97jeep!
May you post your files here to double-check it is no file issue?

I would like to but when i do i get an error message. New User can not upload attachments.

Without seeing the model, we’ve seen some problems with GCode generation in the past w/ various pieces of software. There was another thread about model problems, and @moonglum suggested using Sketchup’s solid inspector plugin. I suspect that if you zoom in, rotate, and whatnot, you’ll see something “weird”. I would in particular inspect layer 1, since it happens at 0.0%. But it could occur anywhere in the model, even in the interior volume.

Can you link to Thingiverse, or maybe upload and publicly share from Google Drive or iCloud?

That is an annoying limitation, particularly on a 3D printing site. I’m sure it’s an anti-spam feature, so it’s unlikely to get disabled. If links don’t work, I’ll try to check back every couple of days.

Share the file via Google Drive is better