Snapmaker 2.5 - more Information?

Hi Snapmaker-Team,
on Facebook I’ve seen a bit of information on the “Snapmaker 2.5” improvements, i.e. new printing head (already reality) and new linear modules (yet to come). Would you mind to share a bit more details on what exactly improved? And what are the modalities of upgrading? Here’s what I infer from the Facebook group (hoping it’s not fake…), and what I still would like to know:

Printing head 2.5:

  • New printing head only sucks in cool air through the additional air port at the front → Better part cooling
  • Slightly improved hotend (compatible with old printing head)
  • More teeth on the feeder cog wheel
  • QUESTION: Is the new feeder cog wheel exchangable in case it’s worn down by abrasive filament? I mean: without changing the whole feeder stepper motor?
  • QUESTION: Will the new modules have the same torque/force like the old ones? Seemed to understand that you went for the louder drivers to have more headroom for milling. So I wonder if the new drivers are more of a compromise?

Linear modules 2.5:

  • More silent stepper drivers
  • New backlash compensation nuts
  • QUESTION: What on earth does this mean: “The new linear module would have an even smaller variance in printing size capacities” - Better backlash compensaion? Better homing repeatability? More steps per mm? More microsteppings? All of this?


  • Post says: “The Snapmaker 2.0 users can get a 50% discount when buying these upgraded items, which are expected to be available in May.”
  • But: what is the price we get 50% on?
  • Do you need to buy a “bundle” of printing head and modules? Can you buy individually?

Thanks for clarification and any additional info you’re willing to share!



Can you link to the Facebook post?

@staff come on, Facebook isn’t the only place you should announce stuff! You should know this by now!

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Hello, When can we get the 2.5 upgrades? Kinda bummed to just learn about them now 1 week after buying my 2.0? uuuugh…

Here’s one of the Facbook posts - I can’t find the one where even the new stepper driver was mentioned by exact type. Was a Trinamic with 256 microsteppings and I seem to remember 29V or so…

@Cwf46 I guess you’ll get the new printing head already, since this is delivered now since several weeks for new orders. Also, the improved bed support structure is most likely already in your package.
On the linear modules I yet would see if they are an improvement in all respects. They certailnly will in terms of noise, but I don’t mind the noise if I get more power - for milling I suppose power is desirable. On the backlash compensation I guess that is an improvement, but my gut feeling is that it’s less dramatic as it sounds… And, you even DIY your modules for better backlash compensation - see here: Facebook Groups (look on the other posts by that author also) or here: Snapmaker 2 milling kit for the brass nut in the linear axis by gojoetofly - Thingiverse - Since the design shown in the Snapmaker 2.5 post is very similar, I suppose you’ll get comparable results…

how would i tell the difference if i got the new versions or the ols ones? mine did come with the 1600mw laser at least so thats a plus… As for the rest i have no idea what i have or how to get the upgrades… Should i hold off on the rotary device or is this one thats out the only one thats coming out?

The printing head is easily recognizable: If it has air vent slots on the front side, you’ve got the new one. The 1.6W laser is standard with SM2 from the beginning on, so I’m afraid no treat here :slight_smile: The linear modules are only due in May, so I suppose you’ll have the “old” ones - which would not bother me too much. On the rotary module I cannot offer any opinion. From what they show it’s a decent bit of engineering, but in the end we’ll have to see what users say. First people ave received it and show projects on facebook - so far it seems to work as promised. I feel the irrational “wnat to have one” pull, but for the rare use cases I’d have for it it’s just too costly for me. Still, the milling was the strongest workload on SM2 in my opinion, and the rotary just put it up another notch!

I must have the old “everything” as my printer is very loud and sings like some sort of alternative punk/screech band when printing especially at start up. Lol. Gotta say it would have made me think much more of the company if they had given me the heads up that if I had waited a week or two I could have gotten the upgraded product. Now honestly I kinda feel like they just dumped old product they needed off their shelves to make room for the upgraded stuff.
To be honest had me seriously thinking whether I’m gonna place my rotary order or just cut my losses and try another brand. I mean I guess maybe I could try returning this printer and wait to reorder the new 2.5 when it’s out but gotta look into the return policy.

Does anyone know exactly when an 2.5 is being released?

Just to avoid misunderstandings: There is - to my understanding - no product named Snapmaker 2.5. Snapmaker is improving individual parts of the Snapmaker as constant product evolution. As I said, you most likely will already have print head “2.5” - would be surprised if not. The linear modules “2.5” are expected somewhere in May or so.

Ahhh gotcha. Thank you.

And we don’t know at this point if the new linear modules will be the standard or if they’ll be premium or upgrades.


And I would like to add the question:

  • Is there a time limit for this offer?
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@buzzplop like me, you seem to have overlooked this post by Snapmaker team - it basically contains the information from Facebook, so you can’t blame them for not informing here in the forum. Apologies to the Snapmaker team if we critisized you unduely. Still, my questions remain :slight_smile: So any details you’d be willing to share would be great!