Snapmaker 2.0 Freezing Mid-print

I received my SM2.0 A350 on Wednesday. I had an initial issue with the calibration as it dropped down and seriously gouged into my build surface, but I was able to get it to not jam into the bed by reseating all of the cables. I am curious if it is supposed to actually press into the bed, causing thew bed to bend down slightly (light enough that it doesn’t mar the surface) when calibrating, or simply get very close without touching it.

My main issue right now is that the print stops, and the system seems to freeze. Most often it freezes before the skirt is completed. The other times it freezes partway into the print. When it freezes I’ve tried to adjust the z-offset via the touchscreen to see if anything would respond, but it sits there. The system does nothing else until I power it off and turn it back on.

I have tried flashing the firmware again. I have reseated all the cables multiple times. I have tried transferring via wifi, serial, usb stick, and even tried different usb sticks. I also tried multiple different files, including the one included. In almost all cases, the same result.

I say almost all cases as yesterday, after a round of firmware flashing and cable reseating, I decided to try to print with the heated with the temp set to 0. This print completed. I then tried one of my original files from the previous night, no heat on the bed, and it completed. Now I had a possible avenue to look at for why things failed, so I tried the same print again with the bed heated this time. I did expect it to fail, but it completed. That certainly shot my theory at the time right out the window.

Thinking that maybe the issue was resolved, I tried a print I’d been wanting to do, something rather simplistic, and it froze when laying down the first layer.

I do have a support ticket open, but I figured I could cast my net wide with the Community as well since it may be a bit before I get further responses from support with the weekend and holiday coming up soon.

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

Edit: I should also add that after it would freeze, I’d check the Controller and the light on it was still breathing.

It’s clearly not supposed to push the nozzle into the bed when doing the calibration. They have chosen the proximity sensor for a reason :). Just move the sensor down a little bit as you’ve already seen over here: Calibration pushing deep into buildplate

I’m still on my first print and have no issues with freezing. Could you upload your model so someone else is able to test? There are also online-services which do repair 3D models. Just google for them, there are a few out there. The model may be corrupt which could produce bad g-code.

Hope this helps…

Yeah, I plan on checking the sensor once I get home. See his post made me think to go ahead and post the other issues I’ve been having as well to see any advice.

The models it was freezing on were calibration cubes from thingiverse, and even the vase from the Luban sample projects. I tried numerous files as I thought it could be a broken model as well. If it hadn’t printed fine with the same gcode, or hadn’t failed on the sample model, I’d have been thinking I just had poor luck in choosing models.

I’ll grab the model when I get home in an hour or so and upload it.

As requested, these are the two different cubes I tried. The 20mm one is the one I mentioned worked. CHEPCalibrationCube.stl (17.9 KB)
20mm_calibration_cube.stl (6.7 KB)

I have this same problem with the random freezes.

I almost had a work around by relying on the power failure recovery but it’s a little “sketchy” and could cause the machine to hit your print depending on the build location. But if your print is small on on the back side of the build plate it might work. Just unplug the machine and plug it back in again. The print recovery will try and resume the print.

I’m having other issues with the tool head thinking it’s not connected. I have to turn it off and back on again to fix that too.

What model of machine do you have? I’m also glad to hear that this issue is not just isolated to me.

My auto-recovery was working, but the last few rounds have seen that feature not popping up. Not sure what’s happening there now.

Hey. Kerrida. Could you please record the info in the touchscreen when the machine stops working?

Hi Dengpeng,

I had sent a link to a Google Drive in through my ticket, but I can post it here as well.


Hi Kaeli, it’s Edwin here.
I am sorry that we are still working on this issue by our side.

It seems like that the main controller cannot commute with the touchscreen successfully.

Please try one more time to check if the cable is inserted in the main controller firmly.

Unplug it and re-plug it firmly, then try to print a small model.