Snapmaker 2.0 A350 Enclosure Spool Reversal Spacer

My A350 enclosure is sitting too close to the back wall, so I cannot mount the spool holder as intended, facing backwards.

So I designed this spacer to fit into the panel cutout which allows me to mount the spool holder facing forward, like when you don’t use an enclosure.

PS: I am a new user to Thingiverse, it might take 24 hours that my first design becomes visible.

Question: this print is in the high quality settings. Is there a way to make the top surface smoother?

turn ironing on.

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Unfortunately Luban doesn’t have an option to iron.

PS: I found that the link to Thingyverse was wrong, here’s the correct one:

Luban is limited, if you want good prints you will need to move on to cura or simplify 3d or some other slicer that is more complete.