SMJS not happy with Illustrator SVG


So trying to use the CNC Module. I created a project in Adobe Illustrator, but snapmakerjs is NOT Happy with the SVG it spit out. I downloaded a generic SVG from the internet, wounded warrior project logo, and it worked fine. What settings do I need to use to make SMJS happy with my SVG export?



There’s the offending SVG and AI Files.

Side note, I exported the 4" Round circle for use as a second engraving/cutting job with other tools, and snapmaker js loads it fine:

And it came out of Illustrator with default SVG Export options.

The offender appears to be the arc’d text, but I don’t see why.

Any ideas are appreciated.



Not familiar with Illustrator, but in Inkscape for example, the text needs to be converted first into an object. You might look see if there is some similar function available in Illustrator.