Smart Filament Changing during a print


Hi happy snappers

I would like to make a suggestion for an improvement to Snapmaker3D. There has been a few discussions on the forum around this issue and that is, changing filaments mid-print. For example your filament roll is about to empty before the print is complete or you want to change filament colour.

It would be great if we could pause print in Snapmaker3D and it remembers exactly where the nozzle location was. The temperatures are maintained and the nozzle then lifts and moves to the side, outside the bed perimeter. You could then remove the old filament and insert the new filament and then resume the print and get results like this.


Please note I cheated and used Simplify3d , pressed pause and carefully changed the filament and then resumed printing. I was just very lucky I did not move the nozzle.

Keep having fun.



this would be wonderful


As an example Cura has add-ons to achieve this. Watch this video Cura - Pause At Height for a Filament Change



Would very much like to see a PAUSE feature for a couple of reasons.

First, to change filament as stated by doug. He already stated the two very good reasons for that ability to change filament mid-print.

Second, to help correct a problem if you detect it early enough. Had several failed prints because the printed item came off the raft. Part of the problem is the .STL design with a small area of attachment to the raft on a tall or large thing being printed.

Have been able to save the prints by applying superglue to the area where the thing is attached to the raft, but it is difficult to do while the table and print head module are constantly moving. Being able to pause the print can make it much easier, and save the print.

The overall software and hardware of the Snapmaker has been outstanding! Very, very happy with the product as designed.



Whilst we’re on it, power recovery would be amazing too :smiley: I’ve had too many powercuts mid print :frowning:


Octoprint also has a pause button.


Legitimately, this feature request comes in two parts.

  1. Manual “Pause” at any time during printing (from Touchscreen).
  2. Automatic “Pause at Layer” (from Touchscreen -OR- SnapMaker3D) (Use Cases: I would want to issue pauses at layers 15, 30, and 45 so that I could then change a filament.)

Any “Pause” should issue only one command:

  • Stop Extrusion. (Gcode M226)

However, the “Change Filament” function while in Pause should issue:

  • Move to 0,0,0 (or whatever the initial location is that extrudes material prior to print)
  • Wait for touchscreen input OR “Unpause” from Software (if gcode on USB, then touchscreen continues. If serial continues, then software just sends next command via GUI press).

There can be legitimate times when a user wants to Pause without changing the filament, thus the functions should be separate, despite being an edge case.

Worst case scenario, a Pause (M226) should beep so I can hear it from other room. If I’m dreaming (and why shouldn’t I be?), best case Scenario, SnapMaker3D permits me to hit a REST URL (with custom JSON payload) so that I can alert my Slack/Discord/Pushover server which hits my phone (or end of print?)


I was looking for a smartest option for this and came across this cheap and hopefully best option.

Resumer 3D resume failed/interrupted 3d print automatically., via @Kickstarter

Can anyone educate me on this??? Whether it’s compatible with snapmaker or not??? Do we get same features through Simplify3D???


Sorry guys for quick update but while searching in the comments section the very first question was for snapmaker compatibility which shows popularity of snapmaker. Got one link and snapmaker is listed on their compatibility matrix - showing status “COMPATIBLE, TESTING”

So changing my question now - is there any better option than Resumer3D???


Resumer3d does NOT work with snapmaker. Tried everything i could to get it to work. No good. Going to try octoprint next. Resumer does not work on a cr10 either. But on that, you can upload marlin firmware and get resume that way.


I’d like to add an additional reason to stop the print at a given layer: place inserts (i.e. nuts, bolts, wires) that will be covered by the remainder of the print.