Slicing help for symmetric design

Processing: Honeycomb1.2x.24mm.7z…
I’ve a design that Luban is really not doing a good job on slicing.

Honeycomb.stl (164.5 KB)

If you look at the slicing output you can see that for the edges at an angle they are exactly as expected for an edge width of 1.2mm. It should be three parallel print lines.

For the edges that are along the X-axis they are not three parallel lines, but two (outer walls), and a 45 degree inner. I tried setting my wall thickness to 1.2mm in the hopes I would get parallel prints for all edges, but it didn’t do anything.

Any suggestions on how I can get Luban to slice this better? I much prefer a single line instead of the 0.8mm back and forth, resulting in poor print quality and slow print times.

I can’t upload the gcode because it is 4296KB and the limit is 4096KB and only zip is allowed.

Any suggestions on how to get this to slice better is much appreciated.

EDIT: It works fine in Cura, just not Luban.