Slicing/G-Code 2.5.4


It’s better than in 2.5.3, but its still not as good as 2.5.2.

2.5.4. It start printing at right front corner, instead of earlier left front corner, so pre-print extrusion could end up in the machinery. Not extruding as much as it should:

2.5.2. Just 5 degree less in printing temp, everything else is same settings:


That’s funny. 2.5.4 has been much better for me than 2.5.2. I wonder why we are having different experiences?

Isn’t 220 a bit high? What layer speed are you having it run initial layer?


Sure your not talking about 2.5.3 as that was very bad in slicing? This is Fast Print standard settings, mostly just adjusted with 100% infill and a bit thicker layer for faster print. Since its a flowerpot, quality is not really a problem, so the faster the better. I get bulging first layer with the Fast Print speed and lower temperature, so after setting higher temperature I was able to print at higher speed. I don’t seem to recall having this issue in the beginning, but it could be the type of PLA I am using.The rating on the box is 190-220 celcius.


I’m sure I was having issues with 2.5.2, the stable release. I hadn’t downloaded anything other than that until the 2.5.4 release. I assume when running at 215 it still looks different than with 2.5.2? I personally run 200 degrees, and do a super slow first layer (10 m/s) even if I am bumping it to fast afterwards. With slow init. layer speeds things have been much better.

It is me, or is the print hanging off just a bit a the corner? Not that I think that would cause what you are seeing. :metal:


I have not had a need to cut down on speed, as it has worked fine with a bit higher temperature and previous versions of the software. As you can see from the second print its almost perfect for its use, but 2.5.4 is not. So since you are printing at low speed, I guess its some issue with amount of extrusion vs. speed in the gcode. The corner is just from brutally ripping of the pre-print extrusion.
Edit, if your thinking about the 2.5.4 corner, then yes, its printing a bit over the edge, which 2.5.2 does not (only a mm at the round corner). The pot is using most of the space available.