Simplify3D is compatible!


Following the false statement on the Simplify3D site that they say their software is compatible advertising that they also had the SnapMaker profile available on a drop-down, I bought the software.

My first impression was really bad, after buying the software and installing it, the SnapMaker3D was not in the list of available printers, what made me suspicious. I posted that fact on their forum and they deleted it and sent me a private message asking to contact support if I had any complaints.

After a couple of days trying to make it work seems that the software it’s not as compatible as they say, I was never able to print anything. I had been using Cura for a while and got into the purchase of the Simplify as I heard from a good friend that their software is better handling the supports. I expected Simplify to be somehow of similar difficulty to setup as Cura, but even with all the settings being very similar, seems like the gcodes are not able to manage the flow of filament as it should and the printer doesn’t extrude enough plastic to build the prints.

If any of you have managed to get that software working with the SnapMaker, please share how you did it.

Thanks in advance


Hi luismesas.

I have gotten it to work… and pretty well too. The problem is that they have not yet released the FFF and the firmware updates for the snapmaker through their general interface or web site. You need to contact their support. I too was very frustrated when I didn’t find it in their drop-down, but I will say that their support was very responsive. They gave me an FFF that didn’t work. I got back with them, and the next day they gave me an FFF and a “firmware” update. (It isn’t really a firmware, it more like patch to the software to accommodate the snapmaker’s more idiosyncratic interface. The “firmware” isn’t loaded onto the snapmaker itself). Once I installed both, I got some really good results. The one thing to keep mind is that it does not heat the nozzle and the bed simultaneously. It will heat the bed first, then the nozzle. That messed with me a bit. :slight_smile:

You get an amazing amount of control through S3D. It is worth the cost. I don’t think it is 100% perfect yet… I get a few tiny artifacts here and there when using it, but it is possible that some tweaks will take care of it… not sure yet… but the Snapmaker is so new, I know they will perfect it, if it is their problem, and not mine. I was able to get good prints with the FFF as shipped. However, I carried over the suggested presets from Snapmaker re: cura, and they work great.

What sort of problems are you running into? Can you show your failed prints?


I wrote to their support, I hope they answer as you said. I think it could help if they just spend 5 minutes posting into their forum the workarounds.

I would show the failed prints if it was able to print, the case is that seems that the extruder is flowing so little plastic that it only leave some drop in the bed during the first layer and the next layers are “printed” in the air. I always have to stop printing on the third or fourth layer and clean a few plastic that remains in the tip.

With any other software the prints goes perfect, so it’s not hardware related


I’m sorry that you are unable to operate the software properly.
Simplify3D works GREAT with the Snapmaker (since 2017-11-11 for my Beta-Snapmaker).
It’s not working “out-of-the-box” but the very first setup took me about 5 minutes and a few weeks to fine tune.

Please use the search function because many of us are using Simplify3D and can help you with your problems.
If you are interested in PET-G you can download my profile here: Snapmaker.fff (11.6 KB)

Snapmaker itself provides a profile for PLA but I did not have tested it since I don’t use PLA anymore.


The problem is starting the print.

Enter this starting script:

G1 X-4 Y-4
G1 Z0 F3000
G92 E0
G1 F200 E20
G92 E0

And don’t go too fast for the first layer.
0,20 mm initial layer height and about 10 mm/s works grat for me.


idk if this will help you or not…

I’ll share my custom profiles some day when I have time.


Thanks for sharing. I tried those and a few other start/top scripts. And as I have tried too many things, I’ll try again with the initial layer height/speed you suggest.

Thanks everyone.


Doug the newbie here, I started with Snapmaker3D, then Cura, then Simplify3D and I found Simplify3D the best and it works well with the Snapmaker. Like all applications take the the time to study and learn to use them. The advice from my learned forum friends should get you going.

Keep having fun



Just tried all this options you gave and didn’t worked. I wonder what’s the option that makes this work.

What options do you have in the G-Code tab of the FFF settings?


Hi @luismesas

Doug the newbie here. When I first installed Simplify3D I used the Cura G-Code Start and Code setups, which you add in the Scripts Tab. I have since watched this forum and advice advice from great users like @rojaljelly who has kindly offered his profile Snapmaker.fff which has all the codes included and will give you all that is needed to get you going; you can import this profile.

Have fun



Hi, I got a reply from the support team and they provided me an FFF profile file. And the first layers of printing looks like this is the right one. I’ll run a few printings and let you know how it goes.

This is the file: (2.9 KB)

Thank you everyone!


@ luismesas Thanks for this! i have been using this and tweaking as I want. The “wipe” i think performed before the print starts is a far superior priming mechanism than the trail of filament Snapmaker3D does (it never started prints correctly anyway). I actually no longer have to use any adhesion for my prints and just use the wipe in the beginning.

I’ve been also printing much faster. The fact that you can set up multiple processes for different models in the same print really helps printing a bunch as once. If anyone else wants to use that, I’ve been using 4mm clearance. It’s tough to measure without removing the 3D module, which is a pain in general, but that’s worked for me.

the 1 thing to be cautious about is the time estimates are way off. Maybe that’s a factor of the print speed (i’ve been still getting good results with 100mm/s speeds @ 0.1mm layers). The current print was estimated at 6.5h and it’s been running now for over 9h. Just something to be aware of!


Are any others that Simplify good? I am looking to get the right program that will actually let me print more than one item on the bed at a time.


Cura allows loading multiple items on the bed as well. For a free app, it has a lot of configurable features.


I have cure and have used it on other printers (I have had 3 others fail on me and one which arrived broke) not Snapmakers. My worry is the custom setup and coding to create the Snapmaker profile… I really don’t want to ruin another printer…


Does anyone have a good profile with start/end coding for Cura?


Check the FAQ on the Snapmaker website.


Sweet and thank you… just got this and between work and hating on my other failed machines… hadn’t had time to look for anything… major thanks.


I just got this software and it is hands down the best I have used, so many options and I just used the fff file that is provided in the FAQ section no problems at all. love the honeycomb infill option in simplify3d


I haven’t tried that, but I am about to try a print with variable infill.