Setting 0,0 for laser module

I ran a Camaster CNC 2’ x 3’ for about 3 years but totally new to lasers. It doesn’t matter how I set it up, the laser printed all the way to the top right of the table. Had to do a total manual setup and set the origin 0,0 manually every time, didn’t work any other way, any words of wisdom here :slight_smile: ?

The laser is designed that way due to safety concerns.

The laser is designed to go to the top right each time? I’m not sure that’s the case…

Thank you, we learn something new everyday.

@Marcos the devil is in the details. In order to use the Camera correctly, you need to follow every instruction exactly to the letter; otherwise, you run into this issue. There are like 2 or 3 critical steps that must be performed exactly as defined, but I don’t remember what they were. I ran into the same issue 2 months ago.

BTW, don’t upgrade to firmware v1.13.1 if you’re using the Laser Module. They completely broke the WiFi, and WiFi is required for this.

Oops, kind of late for the upgrade, lol, but I have not experience any issues with WIFI so far, fingers crossed. Thank you for the advise.

After I power cycled the Snapmaker, that was when the WiFi stopped working. It was working fine after the upgrade, but not after the power cycle. :confused: