Screen file names need to scroll for large file names

Had a slight issue this last weekend where my file naming structure made it hard to choose program to run on J1. See picture. I can see only a part of the file name and both look the same when they are different. Can we put a feature request in to have the file name scroll for long names so we can see the entire file name? Or is there a method to do this now?

A ticket can help - Support Ticket Form

You can try renaming your files to shorter, more descriptive names temporarily until a scrolling feature is implemented. This way, you’ll be able to differentiate between them easily. Alternatively, you can create a text file or a spreadsheet where you list the full file names along with a short description to identify each program. This can serve as a reference to help you choose the correct program to run.

If the issue persists, it might be a good idea to submit a feature request to the developers of J1, requesting the implementation of a scrolling feature for long file names. This could improve user experience and make it easier to work with files that have lengthy names.

To submit a feature request, you can reach out to the J1 development team through their official website or any other channels they provide for user feedback and suggestions. Providing them with a clear explanation of the problem and its impact on your workflow will help them understand the importance of adding this feature.