Ryman Auditorium Stage

My snapmaker gets to do a bit of a very special project! I was contacted to do some laser engraves on parts of the Ryman Auditorium stage. They provided me pieces of the old stage (dates 1951-1994) to laser their logo and the dates onto. They’ll become 16x16 framed sections of the floor with this lasered into it and sold.

Here’s the first samples, the first one is original finish, still dirty and everything (the best honestly)

Second is a sample that’s been sanded clean and will have a new finish applied after lasering. (like sanding away history… :frowning: )

I’m pushing hard to keep the original finish, funk, and all on the flooring. If they want to put another finish on top of it, that’s fine, but leave the original finish.

If they like it and decide on what they want, I’ll update this thread with a finished product in the future.


Follow-up with a full one.