Running printer without head

Hello! I was wondering if it’s possible to run the printer with a gcode without any tool head. Want to connect a separated one that I will controll manually and just use the coordinate aplication from the machine.

Most people start off by just plugging in a tool head, but not mounting it. You don’t say which machine you have; I remember it being done with the Original and v2, and I assume it’ll work with the J1.

More advanced users have built their own toolheads, for both the Original and v2. A “blank” toolhead shouldn’t be too difficult to create. Doing that for the Original and v2 are quite different projects though. I’m not sure if the J1 follows in the footsteps of the v2, or if it uses a third protocol.

Yes it is. The easiest is either done via Octoprint, or uploading the gcode to the machine directly via the web API if you’re on a 2.0.