Rotary axes and Lightburn

How many steps/rev use the rotary encoder? Lightburn use this to calculate the steps for the rotary module.

The rotary module has no encoder - only a stepper motor and a wave gear.
One complete turn (360 degrees) equals 320 000 steps.

And what drive the stepper motor? The built-in driver. I don’t know any stepper motor that works without driver. I have built many things with stepper motors. Today received 3 drivers to make a 3D photo stand. 1 for 3D printed turntable, 1 for the camera height and 1 for the inclination.

Of course there is a driver, probably TMC 2209 as in the new line modules.
However, this is just my guess - I do not have a rotary module.
Search the forum - there were posts about it.
But what do you need this information for ? Lightburn’s settings don’t need this.

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If Lightburn don’t need this, why there is in the Lightburn rotary settings a field steps/revolution? How do Lightburn knows what a full rotation is?

There’s no reason lightburn should need the driver, just the steps per revolution, which was given in the first response.

@Tomi , out of curiosity, where did you find that number? I don’t recall seeing the steps per revolution information anywhere (and didn’t find anything useful in a brief search)

This information is from @Ronin - he made a DIY rotary module that works with Snapmaker 2.0.
I haven’t checked it myself - I don’t have a rotary module - but this guy has practical knowledge.

But if you have the original rotary module connected, you can check it by booting log (on the console panel of Snapmaker Luban, input M1999, and press Enter).
There will be a section in the log file as below, with the original settings it should look like this:

 echo: Steps per unit:
 echo: M92  X400.00 Y400.00 Z400.00 B888.89 E212.21

The settings means the number of steps per mm for the X, Y, Z axes, filament extruder. B is the rotary axis and steps per one degree.

So, if one complete turn (360 degrees) equals 320 000 steps then
320 000 : 360 = 888.888888889
So that would be correct.
But maybe someone who has a rotary module will be able to confirm this information by checking the booting log ?

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