RIP Endmill; Tile Bee

2mm ball endmill in glazed tile. 150mm/m, 0.25mm stepdown, 0.75 final depth.

Ignore the ghost of the failed lasering :upside_down_face: the machine sounded horrible and I’m sure the endmill did not appreciate being treated this way. But it came out decent, I just wish I had tested on a good tile… The regular “do it on scrap first” got me and I don’t want to do it again.

EDIT: Note, I have no idea what this logo is, I just found the SVG and liked the minimalistic bee. So if it’s actually from something, keep in mind I do not know or endorse whatever it is.

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My first though on future experiments is that you probably want a ceramic specific endmill. Something with a carbide tip or a diamond coating. Something like this, although these are not the right shank size. Even with that, it’s going to be lousy and dusty. Any dry ceramic cutting will be.

But that looks a lot better than I expected from the wood cutting bits. Congrats!

The bit at least had the bonus of being carbide, I’ve yet to find a good set of cheap HSS bits.