Replaced stock extruder with Bondtech LGX

We print a lot of flexible filament where I work. We purchased 2 A350s to supplement our 3D printer lineup. The main issue is the single drive gear and large gap in the filament path. After encasing 3 3D print modules in TPU and being unable to purchase replacements, I started to tinker. We have recently replaced all of our extruders with the Bondtech LGX. I cut most of the face off of the module, added a slot to one of the mounting holes, made a custom motor connector, and used the original heater cartridge and thermistor. The e-steps were adjusted to 400. I have been printing nonstop for 2 weeks with it without any issues. I think it should be easier to add your own extruder to this printer if you want to/need to.

A long time ago, someone designed a simple printable (or CNC-able) adapter to fill in the space inside the print head and make it easier to print flex. A lot of people here use it. For most people’s use-cases, replacing the extruder would be overkill.

I did try that first. I had great results for about 2 weeks. After repeated failed prints I redesigned that adapter with tighter tolerances and printed multiple iterations in resin until I had exactly what I needed. Printing was going great for about another week and both Snapmakers failed in the same week and fully encased the 3D module in TPU. After both were replaced, I attempted the same print and everything was looking good. Overnight the extruder encased itself in TPU again but much worse. After having great success with Bontech extruders we decided to cut apart one of the ruined 3DP modules. It took a few days to get things positioned and wired in, but the results are fantastic now with TPU. Manual bed leveling really helped as well. The auto leveling never seemed to be accurate across the entire bed

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This was the best adapter in place. It held the TPU so well that it would grind away material if there was any restrictions further down, which was great. If the 3DP modules were not ruined and could have been replaced, I would have kept working on improving the adapter.


You could use your improved print head to 3D print a new module body. There’s a long standing tradition of using 3D printers to improve themselves :stuck_out_tongue:

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I now have 2 SM 2.0 A350s with the LGX installed on the cut up module as well as an entirely 3D printed mount with snap over cover.


How are your bondtech heads are doing?