Removing large quantity of petg from print head

So, suffice it to say there was some loud grinding and my printing plate was on the floor.

So removed a chunk of the black plastic as shown in photo, can’t get the rest out of the print head, tried while running at 255c. Also busted out a heatgun but realized the fan shroud was softening as well. Where do I go from here?

Also in my defense, this was only 3 hours into a print, and I was watching a movie one room over (hence why I heard the grinding). Thank goodness I hadn’t gone to bed, I’d hate to see what it would’ve looked like in the morning.

You’ll probably want to contact support up front, but I’d the start by opening up the sides and trying to go from the inside, might have a better chance at heating only the blob that’s connected to the extruder that way