Recommended Brands of Filament


Thanks Greg @X_Pilot,
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You are brilliant… After I fix my Snapmaker I will give it a go.


I’ve had mixed results with eSun PETG. A spool of purple has printed well, but a spool of silver has been problematic.


Both of my Sunlu PETG’s printed very differently. The White PETG was much more flexible than the orange and the white could be printed at much lower temps.


Oh dear. Looks like I’ve got some more tuning ahead. I’ve been printing with the black eSun PETG filament very successfully but I’ve just ordered a whole bunch of other colours based on that experience. The eSun distributor in Australia has a 20% off sale till 6 Jun so I jumped in to that.


I think the opacity has a lot to do with the printing characteristics due to the additives they have to add to make it opaque.



If you need a budget filament, I recommend Hatchbox.

My top recommendations are:

  1. EUmakers
  2. Colorfabb
  3. 3DOM - less viscous for less detail but better adhesion and strength
  4. Formfutura - a bit more brittle but great colors
  5. Snapmaker - some warping and few colors, but not bad so far

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I also recommend Faberdashery, they are based in the UK as well.


@TheBum I’ve been using the silver over the last few days and found it difficult. It seems more sticky - I think it might benefit from a bit more under extrusion and maybe a bit lower temperature. I’m printing with the purple now and it’s looking good so far. I’ll report more when I have some more solid results.

@Doug. I’ve been further refining my settings for the eSun PETG. I am now focussing on getting a better finish to the prints. I have been using this series of posts as food for thought - it’s a long read but worth it.


Hi @rick

Thanks for that, much appreciated. I have a number of items queued up for learning that I will get to in the weeks ahead. @TheBum and @X_Pilot has been sharing lots of good knowledge on Extruder Calibration that I will be looking at as well. What might cause these effects?

In the meantime I have gone back to my RoboChair project and programming for the next few months

There are just not enough hours in the day for what I would like to do… I am no where near using the CNC as yet… I just need to clone myself a few times (scary thought for humanity)

Next! is my motto and there is always a Next!

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@TheBum Here’s my first result with the silver and the purple PETG. I’ve used a flash to highlight the surfaces. I’m reasonably happy with the finish for PETG, although for decorative items I think PLA provides a better surface finish. Material was eSun PETG, printed at 245 degrees C (250 for the first layer), 0.2 mm layer height, 40 mm/s for perimeters, faster for infill. This PETG sticks like crazy to the Snapmaker bed.




@doug that takes me back! :smile:

Ps: I’m still tweakjng the PETG profile but will post an updated Simplify 3D profile soon.


You might remember Alf


I sure do. I used to love that show!


Has anyone attempted to print using carbon fiber filament with the snap maker yet?


I don’t think any of these are available in India.
I tried the Wanhao, white. Wanhao is most popular on . No matter what I tried the printer did not accept the filament. The size was correct (checked with micrometer). PLA printed on the box. I even raised temperature to 250C but no luck.
Any idea what went wrong?


Wonder if the nozzle is jammed?


I don’t think so. Because I then changed to Polimero Ducho Filla PLA Filament and it worked perfectly fine. But the Polimero Ducho Filla PLA Filament doesn’t have much choice in colors.