Randomly x-y-offset while printing

Hello. Can somebody help me please. I have printed many times without any failure. But since two weeks I have some mistakes with x,y offsets during print. Sometimes directly at the beginning of the print and sometimes here after 12hours at the end of the print. Same models were printer many times perfectly and I have generated also new print jobs to check if the data was damaged. I’m printing with laser enclosure in a room with stable temperature. Thanks in advance. Snapmaker-Base-2.6

Very strange…
May I ask you for your printing speed?
You can try to take apart the linear modules to re-grease them - if it doesn’t help it won’t hurt.

I’m seeing some people that have issues with the 2.6 firmware and the enclosure. It’s possible that you’re seeing the problem mid-print instead of all the time. There’s some discussion in the firmware bugs discussion, but I haven’t seen anything saying it’s fixed yet. 2.7 seems to have the same problem.

See if disconnecting the enclosure switch helps. If not, try downgrading to 2.4.